Saturday, February 26, 2011

Idea: Make your own play money out of shrink film!

This isn't the first time my kids have done this fun project, but it always manages to keep them busy for hours and the finished product gets played with too!

You remember Shrinky Dinks right? I can remember coloring My Little Ponies and having my mom pop them in the oven. It was all great fun :) Well, you can still buy plain shrink film and make hundreds of your own creations! One of my favorites is play coins. Here is a quick tutorial on how we make them:

1: Trace around a cup onto shrink film (we used about a 3" in diameter cup).

2: Let the kids go crazy designing their own money inside of the circles! We have found that permanent markers (like Sharpies) and colored pencils work best. Washable markers will...wash off of your project!

3: Cut out the circles.

4: Bake as directed on the package. (It takes about 4 minutes)

5: Taaa Daaa! Play money!


lynnsmix said...

Very cool I've never seen this before.

Anonymous said...

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Hans and Sally said...

This is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing it! I have posted a link to it from Sally