Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas cookies

Lilly Bean Market's website is finally up and running!

You might be asking yourself.....what is Lilly Bean Market??? Well, Lilly Bean Market is a toy company that creates artisan designed wool felt play food for your child. We believe in inspiring children through creative play.

Lilly Bean was started by me (Hilary Seabolt) in 2004 when my 4 year old son asked what his new stuffed animals were supposed to eat. Feeling quite creative, I whipped up a cute little egg and pancake. Soon after came donuts, bacon, fruits veggies....a passion was born. In 2006, with encouragement of my friends and family, I officially launched the Lilly Bean business. Lilly Bean is my daughters nick name. She was only a few days old when the obsession started and I just thought the name was so cute.

Now I work with a small group of Amish and a wonderful machine seamstress that help me sew up all of the Lilly Bean play food. We are committed to keeping the business in the US and we love knowing the people who help create such a beautiful product.

On December 2nd 2007 we finaly launched a retail website. Now you can buy items directly from us. We still wholesale to several stores and a list will be posted shortly so that you can see if there is one near you.

We know that you and your child will love our play food and you can feel good providing them with a quality product that was made in the USA!