Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally time to Go Fuzzy!

Lilly Bean Market has just gone Fuzzy with our brand new line of plush play food! Made of super soft minky fabric, these are ultra-cozy! Want another reason to try Fuzzy Foods? Our new foods are completely machine washable and are made in America. Bonus: Fuzzy foods are stuffed with fiberfill that is made out of recycled pop bottles.

The first 3 Fuzzy Foods sets have been released today: Four Fuzzy Fruits, Perfectly Fuzzy Pancake Breakfast, and the Super Fuzzy Sandwich Lunch.


Melanie said...

Will you continue to sell your felt on your website even though you will be going "Fuzzy" in your already made products?

Love your stuff!

Hilary said...

Melanie - You bet! and we will continue to come up with new designs and fun projects too :)