Friday, May 7, 2010

New Packaging

Have you seen our new packaging? We are now shrink wrapping around palm leaf plates to package our play food! Palm leaf plates are made from fallen palm leaves that are stacked and steamed together....that's it! chemicals, no processing! They are sturdy and beautiful and yet are completely biodegradable in about 2 months (they are just leaves after all)! We will be adding labels to our packaging soon. Stay tuned for details. We love our minimal packaging because shows off our beautiful product and keeps our carbon footprint small :) We are doing our best to keep the Bean green!


cristina said...

I found your blog through your appearance on Martha's show. I was very surprised at the beautiful things you do with Felt.
They are very original work and I hope you are very successful.
kisses from Spain.

Abby said...

Is it possible to get your products without the shrink wrap for our eco store?

Hilary said...

Hi Abby! Do you have a better idea for packaging? I am looking into corn-based shrink wraps right now. I'm trying to get the packaging as eco-friendly as possible while still protecting the product. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please email me at