Saturday, February 6, 2010

Current timing for shipments: Kits and Fabric- 2 business days Finished play food - 5 business days

Look to your right....YES! I'm Twittering. I'm working on some fun new kits that will be released in a couple weeks. The bunnies are back and in the "New" section of the website. We are working a pretty steady pace and keeping up with orders. As a small business, it is so good to have your support even in the tough economy. We thank you!!!

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janimal said...

Just want you to know, I posted a picture of a banana I made from the pattern I ordered from you. I added a link to your site. My blog is in it's infancy and I haven't promoted it, so there's isn't much traffic. But I thought I should let you know! Thanks for the great videos and quality product. I'll be making more food and will need more felt from you!