Sunday, April 19, 2009

Say Bye-bye to Bunnies and Hello to Hot dogs!

Well, the Easter bunny has come and gone again bringing joy in baskets and hidden eggs :) So it's time, once again, to bid a fond farewell to our Chocolate Bunnies. We know you'll look forward to them next year with some new treats!

Enough about the fond memories!!! Time to introduce a new item to the line up. I've posted this item on the blog before, but it hasn't been available on my website until today. Yes, that's right!...In honor of Spring, we are now selling the HOT DOG :) (clap clap clap) You will find it in the NEW section and the MAIN DISHES section. There will also be a kit released for this soon! Enjoy :)

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Catherine said...

I still LOVE those chips!