Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hooray! Hooray! The updated site launches today!

Our new updated site launches today with some fun new items and neat changes. A great round of applause to the guys over at 2GTechworks for doing such an awesome job and listening to me ramble on and on about my ideas!

Here are some of the fantastic changes:

- Kits and Wool felt fabric : We now offer wool felt and felt food kits! We are starting with just a few kits, but many more are to come. So be on the lookout and check back soon for your favorite foods to go into our new MAKE IT section.

- Coupon Codes : We now offer coupon codes and offers. If you have a coupon code you can type it in at the check out. In fact here is a code you can use for the next week : HOORAY If you type HOORAY into the coupon code box in the check out page you will get 10% off! This coupon code is valid until October 30th.

- New Site Organization : You will now notice that on the homepage we have 3 main sections: Play Food, Make It, and New. Under Play Food you will find all of our individual items as well as kits broken down into easy to follow categories. Under Make It you will find kits, patterns and wool felt. More craft items will be added to this section later :) Under New you will find our latest creations. These items are also in the other categories, but are grouped all together in the New section for ease and convenience.

- Fun new features : Our site now has more "add to cart" buttons on the products page for faster shopping! We also have more pictures of our products if you click on them. New pictures will fade in and out giving you more views of our beautiful play food. Note that not all of our products have more than one picture, but soon they all will.

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