Friday, March 21, 2008


Hi all,

Here are answers to some of your most frequent asked questions.

Q. What ages are Lilly Bean play foods appropriate for?

A. We recommend that children be 3 years or older to play with Lilly Bean Play food. Although our play food is non-toxic, they are not meant to be teething toys. Most of our toys are not considered a choking hazard. We list on the website if a set contains small pieces. Pizza is an example of a set with small pieces. Children ages 3-6 are immersed in pretend play and are very interested in role playing games and thus are some of our happiest customers!

Q. Are your toys washable?

A. Yes, we recommend hand washing and then letting them air dry. You can also iron your play food if it is wrinkly after washing!

Q. Who makes Lilly Bean play food and where is it made?

A. All of our play food is made in Michigan (USA) by a group of dedicated seamstresses. Much of the hand sewing is done by a small group of Amish women. We love that we personally know every person that creates our toys.

Q. Are your toys hand sewn or machine sewn?

A. The answer is both! In many cases we machine sew the “bodies” and appliqué the rest. How much hand sewing and machine sewing depends greatly on the item.

Q. Are your products non-toxic?

A. Yes! Our products are made in the USA and are non-toxic. The wool felt that we use is also made in the USA and is non-toxic.

Q. What are your products made out of?

A. We make our play food out of wool felt blend fabric and we stuff them with fiber fill. The wool content varies by color from 40%-100%.

Q. Why don’t you use 100% wool for all of your products?

A. I wish we could! Right now the felt company that we purchase from makes 100% wool felt in only a few colors. The rest of our colors are in a very high quality wool felt blend. The felt company is adding more colors in 100% wool due to popular demand. As the colors become available, we will use them!

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